Uncover Your Essence
Unleash Your Light

We each have an essence—when we come alive and fully express it, we glow the brightest, sharing our unique gifts with the world.

Challenges in life can dim your shine. Are you…

  • Feeling lost, without a sense of Self?
  • Unable to tap into your power to manifest your goals?
  • Haunted by inner voices, unsure which is truly yours?
  • Battling self-doubt, or shame?
  • Suffering from imposter syndrome?
  • Sabotaging yourself?
  • Facing grief, lacking an outlet or a safe space to process it?
  • Overwhelmed by anxieties, finding it hard to cope with life’s challenges?

Life’s tough enough, why make it tougher by taking on everything yourself?

Perhaps you can find your way, heal yourself, and achieve your goals on your own. But with a professional partner, you can confront your challenges with greater ease, and accomplish your goals faster—less trial and error and detours.

Coaching is not just an investment. It’s the Gift—for yourself. Learn the skills to create the future you dream of, to live the life you want.

Gift yourself.

1-on-1 Coaching Program

Bespoke—customized just for you

I appreciate the differences in each of us and will customize the resources and practices just for you to:

  • Discern your true voice
  • Gain clarity and see new possibilities
  • Examine and rewire negative thought patterns
  • Get unstuck and overcome blocks
  • Rebalance yourself and bring ease into your life
  • Most of all, bask in your own light.

Program Details

Receive a developmental plan tailored to support your growth.

  • 12 x 60-minute sessions over 6months
  • Email & text support throughout the duration of the coaching sessions
  • Complete privacy

Coaching sessions can be held in-person or virtually. Sessions are valid for 6 months from date of booking. I travel between the US and Singapore, currently based in Washington D.C.

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Your Guide for the Program:

Rosslyn Chay

My purpose is to free people from their inner shackles
so they can fully express their essence.

When we can be true to ourselves, magic happens! The more alive we are, the more we have to offer; we walk on earth with an open heart to give and receive. Authenticity is the start to a connected and fulfilling life.

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What is developmental coaching?

My focus is in vertical development—to support your growth into a new way of being so you can respond to your challenges with greater freedom and creativity. Developmental coaching is all about YOU, equipping you with the skills to be self-corrective and self-generative, to grow towards long-term excellence.

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